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What’s Behind the Rise in UK Renters?

Every year the UK Government conducts and publishes its English Housing Survey. It’s filled with a variety of figures and information showing exactly what is going on across the UK. In detail, it shows the number of home-owner occupiers, the number of renters and how that’s shared between the social and private sector. The survey… Read More »

What Article 24 Could Mean for Landlords

Another day, another discussion about potentially higher costs for Buy-to-Let (BTL) landlords. Today’s post will address the details of Article 24 of the Tax Code and how it could impact landlords. As most of you already know, the Government is phasing out mortgage interest tax relief. Where landlords were able to claim tax relief on… Read More »

Proud of being different from a regular Estate Agency

The Five Most Common Complaints about Estate Agency – and How We Solved them. Started as “normal estate agents” working for a “regular estate agency” in London. We spent our time doing different duties such as selling, letting and managing. We were basically the ones between seller and buyer. After several years in the field,… Read More »