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Life for Landlords After HMO Regulation Changes

Now the new “HMO regulation changes” are in place, what does that mean for you, the landlord? In some cases, it doesn’t mean too much, but in others, a whole lot of work is afoot. In this post we break down what the changes into two sections. The first considers work for landlords of existing… Read More »

How much does it cost to change a bed for a tenant?

Changing a bed in a property that you do not live in can be quite stressful. However, many landlords don’t realise this until it’s too late. Beds get old and break over time, so landlords should familiarise themselves with the process of replacing a bed. In these cases you have few options available to you:… Read More »

I have seen a Mouse in the House. Haven’t you?

“No matter how expensive and snooty the human bits of London get, our city remains, essentially, a grubby, pestilential place where mouse piss. Squalor and blight are component parts of our collective urban identity.” – Dan Jones on the Evening Standard. We all know that London is a very big city that offers you an… Read More »