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How to make a Fortune – From a rotten House to a great HMO

How to make a fortune creating a HMO from a Rotten House If you own a big house and want to really increase your rental income today, start thinking about HMO. Having a large property means you have much more rooms than what you think. What are you waiting for? Create extra rooms and increase your… Read More »

Why BTL Mortgage Market Valuations Have Fallen

Why BTL Mortgage Market Valuations Have Fallen.  It’s well over a year ago that the stamp duty tax surcharge for owners of multiple property came into action. That’s plenty of time for the dust to settle and see exactly what impact it’s having on the Buy-to-Let market. Read on to discover more detail about life… Read More »

What Article 24 Could Mean for Landlords

Another day, another discussion about potentially higher costs for Buy-to-Let (BTL) landlords. Today’s post will address the details of Article 24 of the Tax Code and how it could impact landlords. As most of you already know, the Government is phasing out mortgage interest tax relief. Where landlords were able to claim tax relief on… Read More »

The Rent 2 Rent startegy. Is that glitter all gold?

Recently we have heard a lot talking about Rent 2 Rent strategy. Many new mentoring programs and private property academies are coming up with different courses. “Rent 2 Rent, the latest property get rich quick scheme” writes The Guardian. But is that glitter all gold? Dealing with Rent 2 Rent can be challenging sometimes. When you… Read More »

One of the busiest profession in London: Estate Agent

Time, Energy and Attention are three essential elements that are limited in your life and perhaps in the life of the estate agent you deal with. How many hours does an ordinary estate agent dedicate to you? How much Time, Energy and Attention influence his job? The estate agency usually has a team of members:… Read More »

Increase Your Profit by 2.5 times using HMO Strategy

How We Increase the Profit by 2.5 times. Below we show an example of a two bedroom property in East London, zone 2. It was making £1300 in rental income per month, minus all the agency costs, maintenance, management, inventory, references and voids. In reality, at the end of the month the net income was… Read More »