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Why BTL Mortgage Market Valuations Have Fallen

Why BTL Mortgage Market Valuations Have Fallen.  It’s well over a year ago that the stamp duty tax surcharge for owners of multiple property came into action. That’s plenty of time for the dust to settle and see exactly what impact it’s having on the Buy-to-Let market. Read on to discover more detail about life… Read More »

The real beauty of the Rent2Rent strategy

If you have already started or are about to start your property Journey, you might like to consider using Rent2Rent strategy.  Instead of renting the property as single let, it could be rented by the room and maximise the profit. In our opinion, the Rent2Rent is a revolutionary strategy, which could maximise the rental income of any… Read More »

Are you a landlord? Let’s make a Deal.

Do you own a property? Are you an investor or an agent? Do you want passive income for therest of your life? We have a Deal. You are not a landlord and don’t want to be a JVP, so…Work with us. The property market has an enormous variety of opportunities. There are different figures which you should… Read More »