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The PRA and Buy-to-Let ( BTL ) Market

When it comes to the BTL market, it has its fair share of supporters and critics. Recently, it’s become clear the Conservative Government and Bank of England’s (BOE) regulatory body, the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), fall in the latter camp. Of course, having critics is a great way to improve and become better. And, the… Read More »

Making a Profit From an Unprofitable Property

One of our clients Luca, owned a 3 bedrooms East London property. Sounds like it should be a goldmine, right? Well, when Luca got in touch with us, his property wasn’t making him any profit at all. The reasons? Condition of the property. The type of tenants living there. Lack of knowledge on how to… Read More »

Proud of being different from a regular Estate Agency

The Five Most Common Complaints about Estate Agency – and How We Solved them. Started as “normal estate agents” working for a “regular estate agency” in London. We spent our time doing different duties such as selling, letting and managing. We were basically the ones between seller and buyer. After several years in the field,… Read More »