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The PRA and Buy-to-Let ( BTL ) Market

When it comes to the BTL market, it has its fair share of supporters and critics. Recently, it’s become clear the Conservative Government and Bank of England’s (BOE) regulatory body, the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), fall in the latter camp. Of course, having critics is a great way to improve and become better. And, the… Read More »

Making a Profit From an Unprofitable Property

One of our clients Luca, owned a 3 bedrooms East London property. Sounds like it should be a goldmine, right? Well, when Luca got in touch with us, his property wasn’t making him any profit at all. The reasons? Condition of the property. The type of tenants living there. Lack of knowledge on how to… Read More »

The Rent2Rent is the most attractive property strategy.

One of the most appealing strategies for using, when you deal with property, is the Rent2Rent strategy. The basic concept of the Rent2Rent strategy, or Rent to Multi-let, is to find a property large enough to create extra rooms. Speak to the landlord and agree on a guaranteed rent for a three to five year period.… Read More »

One of the busiest profession in London: Estate Agent

Time, Energy and Attention are three essential elements that are limited in your life and perhaps in the life of the estate agent you deal with. How many hours does an ordinary estate agent dedicate to you? How much Time, Energy and Attention influence his job? The estate agency usually has a team of members:… Read More »

Increase Your Profit by 2.5 times using HMO Strategy

How We Increase the Profit by 2.5 times. Below we show an example of a two bedroom property in East London, zone 2. It was making £1300 in rental income per month, minus all the agency costs, maintenance, management, inventory, references and voids. In reality, at the end of the month the net income was… Read More »