Key holder lock box, how to prevent wasting your time.

By | 11 December, 2017

Property managers everywhere know just how it feels when a job needs doing at one of their properties. So often tenants say they can’t be there at the specific time, leaving it up to you to make arrangements. This is often the case, even when the required works will benefit the tenants. Or, if it’s a response to a complaint or request by them. A key holder lock box could be the solution.

My wasted morning.

One of our rental properties needed the boiler fixing. We organised for an engineer to do it on short notice. But, when we spoke to the tenants, they all said they couldn’t be there to let the engineer in.

We spoke to the Incrent team and they all had appointments too. So, Fabio took it upon himself to go to the property at the arranged time to meet the engineer and let him in to do the work. Fabio could do his work on his laptop, so it was more annoying than a real problem.

But, when Fabio got to the property, two tenants were there! It was frustrating, but we at Incrent also understand that sometimes plans change. Or, there are times when our tenants just want to rest in their rooms and not have be deal with responsibilities they feel aren’t really theirs.

Anyway, the engineer turned up, fixed the boiler and everyone was happy.

The best solution could be a key holder lock box.

Although it all worked out in the end, the way the day had gone bothered us a little. And so, we spent some time thinking of how we could avoid the same problem occurring again. We manage a lot of rental properties, so this is something that does crop up from time-to-time. Our solution was key holder lock boxes!

We now have a key holder lock box fitted outside all of our rental properties. The lock box is a small, secure box you can fit where you choose. It’s only large enough to hold a key and is secured by a code.

When ever any of our engineers, handymen or other team members need to visit one of our properties, we simply give them the relevant code. That means they can enter without anyone taking time out to be there.

Of course, as with my experience, some times tenants are there when they say they won’t be. When that happens, they answer the door. But, when a property really is empty, the works can be done by a member of our maintenance team, no matter what.

We’re comfortable with this situation because it means the Incrent team no longer wastes time when they don’t need to. And, because the code is so easy to set and change, we update them regularly, so no one has access when they shouldn’t.

It’s a simple, but very helpful solution that works well for us and all our tenants.

If you want to know more about property management, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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