Who is going to wait for the Plumber to come and fix it?

By | 9 October, 2017

The plumber is coming tomorrow morning at 11am, who is going to wait for him to come and fix it?

As the property management team, it was up to us to arrange the time with the plumber. But, for that whole week, all of our tenants were either away, or unable to attend the property during the plumber’s preferred times.

As you might imagine, this is a common problem with rental properties. Tenants complain when there’s a problem, but no one is available at the right times to get it fixed! It’s a tough situation. And, if you’re a self-managing landlord, it is particularly frustrating.

Incrent’s Answer

So what did we do? Our business is to provide a service to landlords and tenants, which includes ensuring high living standards for our tenants. And that’s what we did here.

In order to get the central heating fixed, Fabio went to the house himself to wait for the plumber to come to the property. He also had to wait until the job was finished.

Unfortunately, after two hours, it was clear the plumber couldn’t complete the job that day. Completion of the job required attendance of an electrician to replace a faulty part. With no tenants available at a suitable time, Fabio had to arrange the electrician’s visit for the following morning – when he could again attend.
The electrician finished the job in about 30 mins. He then left the property with it’s central heating in good working order for the tenants. It also meant Fabio could leave the property and once again, help manage other Incrent run properties.

Incrent’s Philosophy

At Incrent, we work hard to maintain the best rental income a property can achieve for our landlords. At the same time, we also ensure our tenants have a good standard of living. Our partnership works well, because we both know how important those two details are and we do everything we can to achieve just that.

In this instance Fabio did the waiting around, but at other times Alessio does it, too. We’re a partnership and are both 100% committed to Incrent and to delivering on our promises to all our clients – landlords and tenants.

This is what happens if you have a property for rent and decide to give it to us.

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