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The Incrent story began when two hard working friends with a common view on housing, decided to embark on a journey to improve the work-life balance of landlords and standards for tenants. Inspired by a deep passion for real estate and property development, we have taken a big step towards doing just that.

Being for almost a decade into the property market, we’ve been able to create and test a pay to write papers pay for essay system tailored to maximise landlord’s time and profit. That’s because Incrent doesn’t only increase your rental return. We also aim to improve our client’s lifestyle and encourage people to rent and buy homes, not properties. We help many landlords and tenants all over London and we want to help many more.

Our background

Both Alessio Tondo & Fabio Tarantino, pay to write papers pay for essay come from humble origins but their stories are quite different.


Alessio was born in Manduria, a little town in southern Italy with a population of around 30,000. He moved to Rome with his family driven by the dream of living the great life of the big Italian capital.

Alessio Tondo - Incrent

Alessio Tondo – Incrent

His father got a job as custodian in central Rome, and the accommodation came with the job. They lived for years in a one bedroom flat in the basement, four people in just 36 Sq. metres.

His brother Daniele and Alessio slept on a sofa bed in the narrow corridor at the entrance of the property, where there was only a small, high window. It was in this flat that he realised he wanted to work in property and improve people’s lifestyle.

His father has always wanted to create a better future for his family and decided to spend all their savings to take over the newsagent kiosk next to their house. They thought that they had improved their quality of life. But in reality, running their own business, especially at the beginning, was tough going. They had the dream of owning their own house one day, which they realised in 2000.

A few years later Alessio and Daniele left the family business and went their separate ways.

London Life

Life changed quite a bit for Alessio. He worked as an IT technician for a while. Then, in 2007 he sold his car – his only possession – and spent that money to move to London in his search for new opportunities.

Once in London, he worked as kitchen porter and then as waiter, while studying English every morning. Soon after, he began his new journey in property. At first, Alessio worked for others before starting his first property business.  Soon after this new beginning, he was able to buy a new car in London!

Today, Alessio’s parents still run the family newsagent kiosk. His brother Daniele works as a webmaster in Rome, where he lives with his wonderful wife and daughter.


Fabio was born and raised in Naples, Italy. Since his youth he dreamt of becoming a great entrepreneur. This dream was inspired by watching his father, Enrico’s successful porcelain business going bankrupt in the late 90’s, due to bad investments.

Fabio Tarantino - Incrent

Fabio Tarantino – Incrent

Watching his father struggle to hold onto the family home while he tried to repay the debts that had mounted, Fabio realised he should always do everything he could to avoid the same situation. A few years later, however, Enrico changed trades and started exporting goods overseas. As a naturally engaging salesman, his luck improved and family life was back on track.

Life was hard and Fabio understood that the concept of “your own home” was something to be protected and treated as one of the most important things in life. Although, Enrico saved the family home, things would never be the same.

Money Isn’t Everything

While the family’s finances improved, Enrico’s new job also came with a lot of international travel. This meant he rarely saw his family and they missed him a great deal.

“What’s the point of having a good financial situation if you can’t spend time with your family?” Fabio thought. This question has driven Fabio to help other families avoid the same situation he went through as a child. He understood the value of having a home that was big and nice to live in but was affordable enough to avoid family members working all hours.


Incrent – The Origins

Alessio moved to London in the 2007. He ended up living in room in a shared house with his friend, where the livings standards weren’t great. When Fabio moved to London in 2012, he met his friend and future business partner.

They realised city living in London is the same as it had been for them elsewhere; rent is high but standards are low and landlords rarely have enough time to manage things well.

For four years, both men worked separately, running their own, small property businesses. Both men were tried to provide a good property management and letting service, while still thinking the same way as other property managers. Dealing with the same problems every single day.


One day, they had a lightbulb moment. They started thinking differently and came up with a new strategy that would maximise landlord’s incomes while freeing up their time, too.

Fabio & Alessio believe the income you generate from your property should not only be measured by the amount of money you make. Money is certainly not the most important thing in life, even if some people believe it is. Cash is made and lost in a second. The one thing that man can’t generate is time.

They both understand that the financial value of a property is important to an owner. However, they also believe lifestyle and the right work/life balance is important. That’s how they came up with Incrent and a system where Landlords can realise, not just rental income from their properties, but time to call their own.

If you manage your own rental properties, you save money on agency and management fees. But, you lose time, lots of time, dealing with your tenants and any issues that come up with your properties. Even if you have the best tenants in the world, they will need your time. Incrent works hard to ensure your property doesn’t just generate the best possible rent, but that you can have that income and the time to spend it in, too.


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