The Benefits and Pitfalls of Buying BTL Properties at Auction

By | 4 September, 2017
There many pros and cons when you buy property at an auction.
Pros and cons when buying at Auction
To make your Buy-to-Let property work for you – in the short-and longer-term – you need to get the right property, in the right location at the right price. That’s truer than ever since the Government began tinkering with taxes relating to BTL landlords!
You can do well by building good relationships with estate agents in the areas you prefer to do business. But, you could do even better at a property auction. Read on for the ones we consider to be most important.

Benefits of Buying Your BTL at a Property Auction

Buying at auction isn’t for everyone, but if you are considering it, then take a look at why we think it could work for you.

• Auctions are a popular platform for renovation and probate properties. While they often require a lot of work, they also give you the chance to create the perfect rental property for the area and your profit. Remember, it’s almost always cheaper to buy a property cheap then renovate and improve it yourself. Where others have done that work, they expect to recoup their investment and it shows in the price.

• Speed – auctions are a quicker way to buy a property than the more traditional way via an estate agent. A typical time frame from the date of the auction to you picking up the keys, is 4 weeks. That compares with anywhere from 12-20 week, when you buy elsewhere. The reason for that is due to completion of much of the seller’s paperwork ahead of the auction. That allows the deposit and initial contract exchange, to happen on the day you make your winning bid.

• Transparency – everyone in the room knows how much the property sells for. In addition, the buyer must pay the deposit on sale day. That deposit then remains with the seller whether the sale goes ahead or not.

Auction Pros and ConsWhat Can Go Wrong with Property Auction Purchases

But, while there are some excellent reasons to buy your BTL property at auction, there are some potential pitfalls, too.

• Price – auction properties often go for much more than their guide price, so take care to stick to your pre-set high bid and not get carried away! Or, if a property doesn’t reach a price the auctioneer deems is fair, they can withdraw it. In these cases, there can be opportunities to strike a deal away from the sale room.

• Contract small-print – it’s essential to do your homework ahead of the auction and read all the contract small print. If you don’t, you may buy a property with restrictive covenants and locality rules.

• Speed – what’s works for some, doesn’t for others. If your BTL purchase is reliant on a mortgage that’s a little slow on the approval front, the short time frame can be a problem.

There’s Always More to Consider

As with all property purchases, there are myriad other details to consider when you buy your BTL property at auction. And in the end, what works for some investors doesn’t for others.

But, property auctions do offer a great chance to grab a bargain or buy the property you’ve always wanted to. That alone makes it something you should try -at least once!


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